Comparison between available Standard SquidBox Models & Features

The Calamari, SquidBox and Giant SquidBox all perform the same basic function as a signal conditioning/processing hardware solution. There are differences in features, which help researchers to apply a more customized solution for sleep/wake monitoring in mice. Below are the feature comparisons.

Standard Features Calamari SquidBox Giant SquidBox
# of Cages Supported 8 16,32 16,32,48,64,80*
Data Marker push button standard accessory Y N N
Cage Status LEDs as standard accessory Y – 8 LEDs N N
Enclosure Plastic Plastic/Metal Metal
Isolated Digital I/O None None None
Audio / Analog Out None None None
Plus Features Calamari  SquidBox  Giant Squid Box 
Data Marker push button Y- 1 Button Y – 2 Buttons Y –  2 Buttons
Cage Status LEDs Y – 8 LEDs Y – 16 LEDs Y – 16 LEDs
User Isolated Digital I//O (Sleep Dep and other uses) 1-DI, 1-DO 2-DI, 2-DO 2/4-DI, 2/4-DO
Stimulus (Audio) Out (for our Base Shaker) 2 – Chan 2 – Chan 2/4 – Chan
Aux Analog Input (Base Shaker 3-axis accel feedback) 6–Chan RJ12 8–Chan RJ12 8/16–Chan RJ12
Aux Analog Input / Output Pass Thru Screw Terminal None † 8–Channel 8–Channel