Noninvasive, Automated Measurement of Sleep, Wake and Breathing in Rodents

Sleep research has historically focused on the basic functions and regulation of sleep, and genes that influence sleep. As details of the relationship between sleep, health and disease have become clear, sleep studies are of increasing interest to researchers beyond the sleep field. The availability of user friendly technology provides a platform to easily incorporate sleep behavior into disease models and relevant applications, as well as provides a simpler method for investigating basic sleep functions.

In this exclusive webinar sponsored by Signal Solutions LLC, Dr. Bruce O’Hara discusses methodology, best-practices and use studies of the PiezoSleep system. Discussion focuses on how these techniques can answer questions about animal behavior, phenotyping and relationships between sleep and disease. Dr. O’Hara also highlights the benefits of the PiezoSleep system that can assess sleep, wake and breathing variables.

Key topics covered during this webinar will include…

  • The importance of sleep to health and disease
  • How different physiological outputs can be used to track sleep
  • Benefits of noninvasive sleep studies
  • Setting up a Noninvasive Sleep Study
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Use study: How noninvasive methods enhance research