The PiezoSleep Mouse Behavior Tracking System… Non-Invasive Animal Behavioral Testing Solutions With Accurate, Automated Scoring

Our Products

Signal Solutions has developed The PiezoSleep Mouse Behavior Tracking System – a completely non-invasive technology that provides real-time sleep-wake classification and data acquisition for high-throughput rodent studies. The sleep-wake behavior tracking system consists of piezoelectric sensor technology and custom software that provides accurate, non-invasive sleep-wake tracking without the need for human scoring. Our accompanying analysis software, SleepStats Data Explorer provides graphical representation and visualization of data collected with the The PiezoSleep Mouse Behavior Tracking System.

PiezoSleep Mouse Behavior Tracking System

Our complete system for non-invasive behavior monitoring. This system was designed to automate scoring for sleep-wake studies. Highly scalable and accurate, this system is a proven contender in animal research.

SleepStats Data Explorer Software

After data collection is completed using The PiezoSleep Mouse Behavior Tracking System, its time to visualize the data, extract meaningful insights and create custom reports With SleepStats Data Explorer.

Our Services

At Signal Solutions, we are constantly innovating and discovering new and emerging ways to incorporate non-invasive signal processing technology with intuitive software and systems. Here are a few areas where our custom hardware and software have brought about solutions…

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Over 50 years of combined research experience and in-depth study


Our goal in all projects is to collect data in a completely non-invasive way.


More technology and accuracy at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems