How Adapt-A-Base Works…

Step 1

Simply place the Adapt-A-Base sensor on a table or rack away from vibration and excess noise, such as an air vent or fan. Next, place a cage with rodent (mouse or rat) on top.

Connect the single cable from the sensor to one of the hardware DAQ ports, and connect the DAQ to your PC.

Multiple bases can be used with a single DAQ and PC. In fact, over 80+ Adapt-A-Base sensor pads can be used with a single DAQ and one PC. 

Step 2

Launch the PiezoSleep program and input your experimental information.  Hit Start.

The Adapt-A-Base sensor pad immediately begins to collect sleep or wake scores from the animal.

PiezoSleep provides real-time, multi-window data visualization   including running signal, sleep decision statistic, power spectrum, and the estimated breath rate. 

Once data is collected, load files into SleepStats for analysis.

SleepStats custom software provides automated scoring for sleep/wake cycles with a mere 7% disagreement compared to human-scored EEG!


System Components…

Adapt-A-Base Sensor pad

Custom DAQ

PC Running Windows 7+

Commercial Rodent Cage

PiezoSleep Software

Recent Adapt-A-Base Customizations

Here are a few of the most recent custom Adapt-A-Base sensor pads we’ve designed to fit our customers’ existing cage inventory.

Unlimited Potential…

Monitor one cage…

Monitor a few cages…

Monitor dozens of cages…

In fact…

You can monitor over 80 cages…
ALL with a single DAQ and PC!

Want to know more?

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