SleepStats 4 Pro

SleepStats 4 Pro version for rats or mice is our latest upgrade, featuring a compact interface for characterizing and viewing sleep-wake behavior patterns from data created by PiezoSleep. It also includes options to characterize 3-state vigilance behaviors (Wake, NREM, and REM), activity levels, and an expanded set of CSV export functions. In addition to viewing and exporting data from our environmental sensor, it also has options to use the light levels to automatically segment out light and dark cycles when computing phase-based statistics.  This is useful when applying non-periodic light-dark cycles.

This is a premium version and requires an activation code to run the software.  Contact Signal Solutions if you are interested in upgrading from SleepStats 2. x, or need to install a copy on an additional PC.

For customers who already have SleepStats 4 Pro, a link to download the install script for the latest update is found below. If a validated version is already installed on the computer, the install script below will automatically update and validate the program. If it is a new installation or new computer, an activation code will need to be entered when the program is first run after the installation.

Download, unzip, and run the executable.